Summer Class Schedule

Our Summer Programme is now live to view and reserve. All classes can be booked “à la carte”, with on offer a variety of technique classes, original thematic workshops, aerial hoop, choreographies, kids’ classes and even more!
A large portion of the programme has been adapted for complete beginners who want to start pole this summer and many classes are open to all levels. Bring your friends to class, pass on the news, everyone is welcome!


Why not set yourself a new challenge and take part in a pole competition! It’s made easier through the support and encouragement of the team.
We are always delighted to welcome new members to the MomenTEAM. Don’t be shy, whatever your level, experience and style, if you want to create a routine to enter a competition, for a performance, or maybe even without a defined objective, you are welcome! Follow our adventures here:

Class timetable - September 2022!

Click here to check the class times for the February-June 2022 semester
The new schedule for the semester starting 4th September 2022 and ending 3rd February 2023 is displayed below
19:00-20:15Pole Technique Level 1Pole Technique Level 2Pole Technique Level 1Pole Technique Level 2&3
20:15-21:30Pole Technique Level 3&4Pole CreativePole Technique Level 2Pole Technique Level 4
11:00-12:00--Pole & Aerial Kids & Teens
13:30-14:45--Pole Technique Level 1
15:00-16:15--Pole Technique Level 2&3
18:00-19:15Boot Camp-Aerial Hoop Level 1
19:15-20:30--Aerial Hoop Level 2

Class Dates

Our semesters have 17 weeks of classes

Our next semester starts on 4th September 2022 and continues until 3rd February 2023

Please note that for the Aerial Hoop classes, there will not be a class on 4th September, however an extra class will be added on 18th December instead

The stretching classes will start on Sunday 2nd October 2022


24th October to 6th November

17th December to 6th January

20th February to 3rd March

1st May to 12th May

Exceptionally there is no kids & teens class on 2nd October and 11th December 2022

There will be no classes on Sundays 9th April and 28th May 2023

The last class of the year will take place on 29th June 2023


There are already some workshops planned for the upcoming semester from 16:30 – 17:45 on the following dates:

17th September 2022 – Flying Pole

15th October 2022  – Contemporary Dance

19th November 2022 – Floorwork

3rd December 2022  – Flying Pole

28th January 2023 – Flying Pole

Look in our events menu to find out more and to sign up