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About Momentum Pole Sport

Discover Momentum Pole Sport and meet our passionate pole teachers

What is Pole Sport?

Pole sport is a style of pole dance, which incorporates sporty and acrobatic figures. It is a discipline that is currently under consideration by the Olympic committee!
While sports and fitness enthusiasts will be right at home in class, there is also a place within this discipline to explore dance, artistic expression and musicality. The field is so vast that there is a niche for everyone to find their own personal style.
To find out more about Pole Sports, take a look at the IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation) or PSO (Pole Sports Organization) websites.

Benefits of Pole Sport

• Improved overall fitness
• Greater strength, teamed with better flexibility
• Body confidence
• Confidence in expressive movement, dance choreography
• Provides a physical and mental challenge
• Inclusive, fun, and supportive environment
• Perfect stress relief!

Why choose Momentum Pole Sport?

• Structured programme with planning for progression from absolute beginner to advanced
• Level check before moving to next level
• Individual follow up, support and advice (technique, motivation, strength, flexibility, or other issues)
• Regular events, workshops and open practice bringing together students from different levels
• Coaching available for competitions and performances

Meet our Pole Dance Teachers

Victoria - Manager and Teacher

Lauranne - Teacher