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Aerial Hoop

About Me…

As a creative person I like to use my body to create shapes and paint into the air. This relationship with the body and the willingness to explore its potential grew while I was dancing. I have danced since I was a child; I did ballet, modern dance, hip hop and I also explored Indian dances and tribal fusion for which I developed a big passion. I love to challenge my body’s limits and combine movements with emotions. 

Next to dancing, I always dreamt of being a performer and Circus Artist. This fascination brought me to start exploring the Aerial Arts and Disciplines. I started my journey with Aerial Hoop about 4/5 years ago in Italy. It was a deep connection with the Hoop and since then I never stopped practising, exploring and challenging myself. When I moved to The Netherlands the first thing I did was finding a studio where to train. There I got the opportunity to have an amazing teacher that helped me grow and gave me the opportunity to follow a Teacher Training Course to start teaching at her studio. I’ve now been teaching Beginners & Intermediate levels for about 3 years. I love teaching because I like to share my passion and I get energised by the people and excited seeing my students’ progress! In addition, I like it because I’m learning everyday from my own students.

I recently took part on a great challenge: the IPSF Competition. I participated in the Aerial Art competition of last year (2021) for the Netherlands, during the preparation of which I learnt a lot regarding the importance of resting the body and dealing with stressful moments. It was a great challenge because I had the opportunity to build my own artistic performance expressing my inner thoughts, struggles and the message I want to bring to everyone. 
Besides Aerial Hoop, during the past years I explored other disciplines such as Aerial Silks, Aerial Rope and Aerial Straps. At the moment I’m also focusing a lot on Contorsion Art and exploring the limits of my body in regard to flexibility. Lastly, I’m also a ‘yogina’, I practice Yoga everyday as it helps me with finding inner peace and calm but also helps me learn more about body awareness, accepting my physical limits and the importance of breathing in alignment with body movements.

Regarding my teaching style, I like to challenge the students and I tend to give them space to explore, learn more about their bodies and create! I’m always open to improve via feedback/ suggestions and adapt my classes to meet my students’ wishes and specific levels.