General Policies

Membership – Registration for a class is only complete upon receipt of payment. Once a registration for the semester is confirmed, it is not refundable. Under certain conditions, it may be transferable to the following semester, such as illness lasting several weeks or more, or another unforeseen reason, upon the discretion of the studio. Registration may be transferred to another class, as long as a place is available and the student has the required level. A membership cannot be shared with or transferred to another person, unless agreed by the studio for an exceptional reason.

Trial classes, one-off classes and cards for 5 or 10 classes – These classes may be cancelled and rescheduled up to 24 hours before the start of the class. Less than 24 hours before the class, it is no longer possible to modify the reservation. Cards are valid for a session (semester or summer) and will not be reimbursed or carried over to the next session if used partially. Cards are valid for one person and may not therefore be shared between two or more people.

Private lessons – Private lessons must be paid in advance to confirm the reservation. These classes may be cancelled and rescheduled up to 24 hours before the start of the class. Less than 24 hours before the class, it is no longer possible to modify the reservation.

Catching up a missed class – If you have a medical reason for missing a class, or other reason such as scheduled holidays or work commitments, then it is possible to request to attend another class to catch up the missed session. This must be seen as an exceptional request and must be for a good reason, submitted no later than 24 hours before the class to be missed and via the google form (click here). The missed class should be caught up as soon as possible, or even just before the absence, and may not be carried over to another semester. Class sizes have been limited in the students’ interest and an excessive number of weekly changes to the lists will impact this organisation. Please note that catch up requests received after a missed class will not be considered.

Pandemic – Please read and apply our Covid-19 policy. In the event of forced closure related to the pandemic or other force majeure, every effort will be made by the studio to provide an alternative, such as online lessons, smaller groups, or rescheduled lessons, as far as is possible given the circumstances.

Injury – Please take care to respect all safety instructions. Inform your instructor immediately if you think you may have an injury. The studio has an insurance policy with Ethias, which covers any accident occurring in class. Please note that when safety instructions are followed, accidents requiring medical attention are extremely rare and unlikely to occur.

Please be punctual for all classes – If you arrive after your class has completed the warm-up, you may not be allowed to join in. This is at the discretion of your instructor.

Respect your Instructor – follow your instructor’s directions at all times. Listen to all explanations, including safety points. Do not attempt any figures not explained to you by your instructor.

Videos and Photography – You may film and take photos during classes, but these may only be shared on social media so long as you have permission from everybody within the video/photograph. Please feel free also to share these on the class WhatsApp group (see below).

WhatsApp Group – A WhatsApp group will be set up per class for important communication and sharing between class members. Please let the studio know if you wish to opt out.

Jewellery – Remove ALL jewellery before training. This includes wedding rings! Your jewellery will damage the equipment in the studio and could also cause you an injury.