Class Timetable Semester September 2022 – January 2023

18:00-19:15Pole Technique Level 1
19:00-20:15Pole Technique Level 1Pole Technique Level 2Pole Technique Level 1 (19:15)Pole Technique Level 2&3
20:15-21:30Pole Technique Level 3&4Pole Technique Level 1Pole Technique Level 2 (20:30)Pole Technique Level 4

11:00-12:00Pole & Aerial Kids & Teens
13:30-14:45Sensual Pole* (once every two weeks) or open training
15:00-16:15Pole Technique Level 2&3
18:30-19:45Boot Camp*
19:00-20:15MomenTEAMAerial Hoop Level 1&2

*The “boot camp”, “sensual pole” and “workshop” classes will be scheduled once to twice per month. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out the dates of the next sessions.

Our semesters have 17 weeks of classes.

Our next semester starts on 4th September 2022 and continues until 3rd February 2023

The stretching classes start on Sunday 2nd October 2022


24th October to 6th November

17th December to 6th January

20th February to 3rd March

1st May to 12th May

Exceptionally there is no kids & teens class on 13th November and 11th December 2022

There will be no classes on Sundays 9th April and 28th May 2023

The last class of the year will take place on 29th June 2023