Thematic Workshops

September 2021 - June 2022

This year, we have literally spoilt you with a monthly themed workshop in addition to the weekly technique classes!

In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, our prices start at just €11 per workshop! See all our prices here

These sessions are suitable from level 2 upwards. The idea is to create a pleasant moment for students from different groups to meet and share their experiences. There will be new tricks and challenges for all, as we look deeper into key aspects of different pole styles.

Taming spinning pole, dynamic tricks, discovery of pole flow (where we get to wear leggings!), strength and flex sequences, all present and correct!

Times are 13:30-14:30. Consult our full programme below:

Semester 1

– 17th October: Halloween choreo

– 14th November: low flow

– 12th December : beautiful spin

– 16th January : dynamic tricks

– 13th February: St Valentine – bring your partner (or a friend :-))

Semester 2

– 13th March: pole handstands

– 27th March : pole flips

– 22nd May : ayeshas & handsprings

– 12th June : pole splits

– 26th June : brass monkeying around

September 2022 - June 2023

We have made some changes to our workshop organisation this year. The timeslot is now Saturday at 16:30 and for most classes you can pay with the card system (see our prices page).

Some dates have already been set and added to the sign up form. They are:

  • 15th October – Contemporary Dance
  • 19th November – Floorwork

There are also new Flying Pole Workshops; more information can be found on the page specifically dedicated to these workshops.

Sign up to our workshops

Please fill out the form, selecting the workshop(s) and/or event(s) to which you would like to sign up.

Registrations and payment in advance; limited places.

    Pole Splits 12th June 13:30-14:30Brass Monkey Tricks 26th June 13:30-14:30Contemporary Dance 15th October 16:30-17:45Floorwork 19th November 16:30-17:45