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Kids Pole Sports

Introduction and Programme Content

Children love pole sport! It’s just great fun; you can climb, invert, throw yourself with your full body weight and use up a lot of energy, evacuate stress and laugh out loud with your friends :-). This sport trains the whole body, focusing on strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and fitness. It also comes hand in hand with improving self-confidence.

In our childrens’ classes, we aim to teach each participant the correct technique, adapted to their age and paying special attention to safety, in an inclusive and welcoming environment. We also practise gymnastic figures, such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, bridges, handstands and headstands.

For those children who really click with the sport and want to develop further, there will also be the possibility in the future to prepare competitions. We underline that this is in no means an obligation and that these classes are equally focused on amusement as on technique.

Our classes suit all children from age 7 to 12.

Outfit and to bring to class

It is essential to wear gymnastics shorts or a leotard in order to be able to grip the pole with the legs, including the thighs. A T-shirt may be worn on top, with a sports bra/crop top underneath (if not wearing a leotard) for girls. Leggings or jogging bottoms may be worn during the warm up. We train with bare feet and sometimes socks in winter.

Please bring a large bottle already filled with water, as well as a small towel for wiping down the equipment.