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Hello, I’m Marie-Laure, I’m 28 and I’m a kindergarten teacher. I have fallen in love with pole and everything it brings. Its sporty side, which pushes me to go above and beyond, to set goals, exceed my expectations and give my all. Its artistic side, which encourages me to let go and lose myself in the creative flow. Its therapeutic side, which offers new ways of loving and rediscovering oneself, reconciliation with one’s body. And so many other benefits…

I want to bring together my passion for pole and teaching in order to share, help, support and encourage my pole students, as I am used to doing every day with my pupils. My favourite style is a contemporary/lyrical one, uniting pole technique and dance expression. I love playing with improvisation, using different parts of the body, movements and music to bring out different emotions or to release my own.

“Dancing is like speaking in silence. You can say so many things without pronouncing a word”.