Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to find out more about our MomenTEAM and to get involved. Everyone is welcome; all ages, styles and experience :-). Our next meeting will take place on 10th February 2023. In 2023, we will prepare competitions such as PSO Germany in June, PSO Virgo (virtual) in September and the IPSF Championships (stages throughout the year).

Who are we?

We are teachers and students at Momentum, who wanted to set a new challenge for ourselves. By signing up together for Pole Sport and Artistic Pole competitions, we benefit from mutual support and the sharing of ideas for themes, music and choreography. Private coaching is also available and strongly recommended for certain competitions. Organised by Victoria, the manager at Momentum, accredited IPSF coach who has also judged for PSO, we also have strong technical support and attention to the criteria specific to each competition.

Following our first PSO virtual experience, the team doubled in size for a second round, with 10 Momentum participants at the December 2021 virtual PSO, representing levels 2, 3 and 4 and categories including Pole Sport, Entertainment, Dramatic and Groups.

In 2022, 4 of us will represent Belgium at IPSF elite level (International Pole Sports Federation) in Pole Sports and Artistic Pole. We are also preparing PSO competitions for July, September and December (virtual and on stage). Victoria will get a second chance this year to represent Belgium at the POSA World Championships in December.

We are always delighted to welcome new members to the MomenTEAM. Don’t be shy, whatever your level, experience and style, if you want to create a routine to enter a competition, for a performance, or maybe even without a defined objective, you are welcome!

The MomenTEAM meets for training, workshops and discussions at the studio and any time on WhatsApp :-).


Saturday 7th May

ISPF Netherlands – Artistic Pole (Maya, Lauranne)

Sunday 8th May

IPSF Netherlands – Pole Sports (Victoria, Stella)

Sunday 22nd May 15:00

MomenTEAM info meeting for anyone interested

A structured timeline will be set out to assist you in reaching your objectives on time

Saturday 2nd July

PSO Zurich (Victoria)

10th-11th September

PSO Virgo (Victoria, Séverine, Maya, Joëlle)

27th-30th October

IPSF World Championships (Victoria, Stella, Lauranne)

13th November

Pole Passion Netherlands (Victoria)

3rd December

PSO Amsterdam (Sophie, Joëlle, Lucille)

10th-11th December

POSA Pole Sport World Championships (Victoria)

17th-18th December

PSO Sagittarius (Victoria, Lauranne, Joelle, Lucille, Hélène, Naemi)