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Pole Trial Class

Pole Initiation

Come and try a Pole Sport class at Momentum Pole Sport and discover a new obsession!

The next dates for a trial class are:
  • Saturday 18th June 14:45-16:00
  • Wednesday 6th July 19:00-20:15
  • Thursday 21st July 17:00-18:15
  • Wednesday 3rd August 19:00-20:15
  • Tuesday 16th August 20:15-21:30

These classes are also suitable for new beginners and may be taken individually or as a pack. In that case, there is a promotional price available – contact us to find out more.

In case you are not available on the given dates, don’t hesitate to request a trial class at any moment during the year.


  • an introduction to pole dance and its different styles
  • a warm up of around 15 minutes
  • conditioning on the pole
  • first movements around the pole and first poses
  • learning a short sequence of moves, suitable for all
  • stretching

The sessions take place in our studio at 10 Rue Colonel Bourg, Schaerbeek, Brussels

Price: €20

Sign up for your trial class via email: info@momentumpolesport.be

Places strictly limited, please register in avance! 🙂