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Founder, manager and teacher for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

Hello, my name is Victoria and I created Momentum Pole Sport. I owe my discovery of pole sports to several circumstances that coincided in my life at the right time. On the one hand, I was signing up my then 5 year-old daughter for recreational gymnastics classes and I was thinking how fun that sounded. On the other hand, I was recovering from a long bout of pneumonia and was feeling physically weak and in need of an incentive to regain strength. Browsing on my computer, I came across the website for a pole dance school (Pole & Fit) in my neighbourhood and in a moment of spontaneity, I signed up straight away for the next initiation class. Of course, I became addicted straight away and it was a long wait from the initiation in July to the start of classes in late September. That was in 2016, and at the age of 37, I only ever thought this sport could be a fun hobby for me.

In Autumn 2017, alongside my weekly technique class, I started taking a choreography and expression class with Angèle, the owner of Brussels Art & Pole, which lead to my performance in the Baby Brussels Art and Pole Show in January 2019. When my big moment came to perform for the first time on stage, I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t nervous! I loved every second. This was a big part of my subsequent decision to sign up for my very first competition.

As an athlete, I represented Belgium at the IPSF World Pole Sport Championships in 2019 at the age of 40 and was preparing for the 2020 competition season until it was cancelled due to Covid-19. More recently at the end of 2020, I decided to take part in two virtual competitions hosted by PSO, in which I won a silver and then a gold medal in my category, level 4. Following this experience, I successfully applied to be a judge for PSO, judging three virtual competitions in 2021. During the course of the year, I took part in 5 more PSO competitions, each time winning a gold medal in my category and I took to the stage for the first time in 2 years at the Fit Middelburg Artistic Pole Competition in the Netherlands, finishing 3rd in a competitive category. I had the pleasure of representing Belgium again at the IPSF World Championships later the same month, in which I finished 9th out of 23 finalists from around the world. I also had the priviledge of coaching my own daughter for the IPSF worlds.

It has been an immense pleasure and source of pride to be accompanied by increasing numbers of my students at recent competitions. The Momen’TEAM is a wonderful, supportive group of incredible people, who succeed thanks to devotion and mutual encouragement. I am looking forward to competing again alongside them in 2022, in addition to an already packed schedule of competitions that starts on 5th February with the Great British Pole Championships and of course includes more IPSF and PSO.

Today, I am a qualified pole fitness teacher and official IPSF-accredited coach. My decision to follow a teacher training certificate with Spin City Pole Fitness sparked an interest in pole-specific physiology and best training practices, which I have continued to develop by following further courses and certifications, including spinning pole technique, anatomy & physiology and intermediate and advanced instruction in pole sport.

A schoolteacher in my previous life, I have taken this structured approach in setting up programmes of progression in my levelled teaching programmes and creating my vision for Momentum Pole Sport. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you!