Studio Closure

Our studio will close for good on 31st July. A training programme for July will be available shortly. Thanks for being there to share this adventure with us!

Class timetable

Here is the timetable for our Semester starting 5th February 2023 and ending 30th June 2023
18:00-19:15Pole Technique Level 2-Pole Technique Level 2-
19:00-20:1519:15 Pole Technique Level 3&4Pole Technique Level 119:15 Pole Technique Level 1Pole Technique Level 2&3
20:15-21:30-Pole Technique Level 220:30 Pole Technique Level 2&3Pole Technique Level 3&4
Midday12:20 Pole Technique Level 2-412:15 Pole Kids
13:30-14:45-Open Training
15:00-16:15-Pole Choreo Slow Flow
16:30-17:45-Flex & Flow Stretching
19:00-20:15-Aerial Hoop Level 1&2

Class Dates

The semester runs from 5th February to 30th June inclusive. Each class has 17 sessions scheduled.


20th February to 3rd March

1st May to 12th May

No classes on Sunday 9th April and 28th May

Rescheduled classes:

Certain classes had to be rescheduled

NO class Monday 10th April (Easter) –> rescheduled to Monday 20th February

NO class Friday 10th March –> rescheduled to Friday 24th February

NO Pole classes Sunday 19th March –> rescheduled to Sunday 2nd July

NO class Thursday 23rd March –> rescheduled to Thursday 2nd March

NO class Friday 24th March –> rescheduled to Friday 3rd March

NO hoop class Sunday 14th May –> rescheduled to Sunday 26th February

NO hoop class Sunday 21st May –> rescheduled to Sunday 7th May

NO hoop class Sunday 4th June –> rescheduled to Friday 16th June 8pm