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What is a class like?

Each class will start with a 15 minute warm up. This is designed to raise your heart rate, warm your muscles, and mobilise all joints. The warm up will also include some gentle and dynamic stretching, aimed at improving flexibility, as well as some light conditioning to prepare your body for the demands of the pole workout that will follow 😊.
There will be approximately one hour of class time dedicated to on the pole conditioning and learning pole technique, including spins, floorwork and figures on the pole. Usually, there will be two people sharing each pole, which allows partners to spot and help one another. Also, having a pole pal just makes class so much more fun!
At the end of each class, there will be a short cool down and stretching session, which teamed with a good warm up minimises the muscle soreness that may follow an intense workout of this nature.

See below on this page for a description of each class level.

What should I wear?

There are many websites selling pole-specific clothing, in all shapes, fabrics and colours. If you see something you fancy, go for it! If you’re not sure you’re ready for the skimpier outfits and want more coverage, go for a pair of shorts that are cut high so they do not cover your thighs. A sports bra-style top is needed for girls, although you can wear a T-shirt over the top. Since you will grip the pole with your skin, the message is more skin, easier grip!
Speaking of skin, do not moisturise the day of pole class, otherwise you will struggle to get any grip at all. Your pole partner will probably also be quite fed up if the pole is all slippery! And speaking of caring for the poles, please remove any metal jewellery before class, as this can scratch the pole. A scratched pole can then be unpleasant to use and give you cuts and scratches right back.
Please also don't forget to bring a water bottle and a towel to cover your stretching mat and for wiping the pole down after you.

Our Studio

Lessons take place in the ``petite salle`` at Brussels Art Melting Pot (BAMP), Schaerbeek. The studio has an area of 80m2 and a ceiling height of 3 metres, providing a spacious environment for our small group classes!
There is also a communal area with cloakrooms, toilets and a seating area, so you'll be quite confortable from the moment you arrive :-).

Class Levels

Click on the images below to find out more about each class level.