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Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop Level 1

This programme of classes will cover the basics of this aerial discipline to teach you how to mount the hoop, the contact points, your first shapes, transitions and inversions, how to master the spin and all the tools you need to create your first combos!

At each class, you will learn some conditioning exercises, figures in the hoop and short combos or choreographies. You will learn the correct technique from the start and work on strength and flexibility from a different and complementary angle to that of pole.

Level 2

From September, two levels are on offer. The level 1 class is for absolute beginners, whilst the level 2 is for those who have already followed some classes. In case of doubt over which level to choose, please ask us for advice.

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Please note that the hoop classes take place on only one day per week, therefore catch up opportunities are extremely limited. In addition to the semester subscription, the hoop classes can also be booked on the card system, on the conditions that you have the minimum level required to join the group and that there is a place (check in advance by email).