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Flex and Flow

Flexibility refers to the range of motion of your joints, and the mobility of your muscles.
These classes will help you improve your flexibility, which will improve your motion of your body. This will allow greater freedom of movement and improve your posture. In addition, it will reduce the risk of injury and it will release muscle tension and soreness.
Over all, flexibility is a very important attribute every athlete should have, and most definitely help you unlock new tricks and exercises, on the ground or in the air.
What will you do in a flexibility class:
The class will start with a warm up that includes dynamic stretching and mobility exercises to prepare our muscles and joints.
Afterwards we will continue with active flexibility exercises that will help us slowly build muscle strength, so we can protect our joints for the last part of this class.
The final part is the static stretching. At this point you should be fully warmed up and ready to perform a deep stretch on your body, with the instructor’s assistance!
Variations will be given for beginners or advanced level!