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Level 2


To begin level 2, you should already know how to invert to an open V and an inverted crucifix. You should have already learnt a range of spins on static pole and spinning pole and you should know how to climb and sit on the pole in various poses, including cross knee release.

In this level, you will learn a range of figures on the pole, using strength, balance and flexibility. These include the superman, extended butterfly, brass monkey, jade and iguana. You will start to work on inverting on spinning pole and from an aerial position on the static pole. You will begin training the shoulder mount and shoulder dismount, reiko mount and inversions with different grips. You will learn longer, more dynamic combinations of spins.

At this level, is is recommended to take 2 classes per week if possible. This will help you to perfect and retain new figures, experiment with variations and transitions, and makes for easier progression to the next level.

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